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LegendErie Scaveger Hunt


Embark on a downtown mystery scavenger hunt, rooted in Erie’s hidden history. Participants will be able to track clues and advance through the 12 locations to discover the fortune of Ebenezer Crosby, a Master Shipbuilder hired by Daniel Dobbins in 1812 to lead construction of Oliver Hazard Perry’s fleet during the War of 1812. You are tasked with finding Crosby’s fortune, as he guides you through decades of Erie’s history.

There is no need to dig or move objects. You get 10 points for each location visited and 10 points for each challenge question answered correctly. If you get stuck, let Google be your guide. Participants who discover all 12 locations and score at least 200 points in the challenges will be entered to win $1000! Contest ends at 8:14 a.m. on Aug. 14.

To begin, please click the button below to download the treasure map left by Ebenezer Crosby.

Download the Treasure Map

Once you click the link, be sure to download either the Android or iPhone version of the “Turf Hunt” app.

App and Game Instructions (MUST READ)

After downloading the “Turf Hunt” app from the Google Play or App Store, make sure you allow location finding for this app.

Once in the app, you can find the scavenger hunt listed under “Nearby” at the top of the list. Click the “Install” button to download the game.

Read the game introduction before moving on. Press the blue “Start” button, and enter player name and email address.

Be sure to read the introduction before approaching the first location, and press the blue “Play Intro” button as you make your way. The first location is signified by a black question mark pin on the map.

When you arrive at the first clue, mill about until you receive a notification within the app. The next clue will pop up with a pin to show you where to go next. Before you leave, don’t forget to press the blue “Press for Challenges!” button and answer the question to earn 10 points. Be sure to answer the challenge question before leaving each location—once you leave, you cannot go back to answer and no points will be awarded. Press the black “Hint” button if you get stuck. Note that you will only get one try to answer the challenge question, so choose wisely. Google is a great resource.

If you forget the clue for the next location, tap on the previous clue pin to read it again. The next location will pop up as another black question mark pin on the map.

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